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Massage Services

The Health Benefits of Regular Thai Massage Treatments:
Muscles relax and begin to heal.
Stress is relieved to promote wellness.
Stretching and bending energizes the body, improves flexibility and increases blood circulation

The Health Benefits of Regular Deep Tissue and Relaxation Massage Treatments:
Relief of neck and back pain and reduction of muscle tension
Lowers blood pressure temporarily and improves circulation
Improves gastrointestinal functioning and bowel movements as well as overall digestion

Reduces anxiety and improves sleep
Increases range of motion and enhances exercise performance

Eat 2 hours prior to massage
Wear comfortable clothing
(preferably no zippers, collars, buttons)

Mobile Chair Massage for Office Staff

60 min. $100 or 90 min. $150

A new offering from Fusion Thai Wellness for your office staff to improve their health, wellness and productivity. This mobile massage service comes to your place of work and provides a  chair massage that concentrates on the neck, shoulders and back. Recommended treatment times are at least 15 min per person. We offer treatments once a week, once every two weeks or once a month that will better the bodies and minds of your staff. 

Traditional Thai Massage on Mat

This traditional massage focuses on assisted yoga-like stretching and positions as well as combining the treatment with rhythmic movements. The benefits include increased flexibility, releasing of trapped toxins. improved blood circulation and promotes a healing relaxed state and an amazing energizing effect along the energy lines of the body. 



Half Thai/Half Oil Massage on Mat 

A half Thai/half oil massage with the upper half of the body Swedish style to promote flow and relaxation, while the lower part of the body is Thai Massage relaxing the body with stretching and muscle kneading.

Deep Thai Oil Massage on Table

A full body deep Thai oil massage on a table involving gentle manipulation of the

body's soft tissues. This technique is commonly applied with hands, fingers, elbows and forearms. The general purpose of this massage is for the treatment of stress or body pain.

Please note: We accept Visa/Mastercard or Cash


If you need to cancel an appointment please note we need at least 24 hours advance notice.  

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