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Meet Nee and Veronica



For over 18 years my desire to be one of the best in Thai Massage, coupled with my training and experience, has allowed me to bring to you a Certified and Professional form of Thai Massage. I learned my skills and developed my talents at the most respected Buddhist Temple School, Wat Po in Bangkok. I took additional training in Nonthaburi with the Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society as well as Advanced Medical Massage courses. I am also certified in Aromatherapy massage from Perth, Australia which allow me to offer clients a traditional oil massage on a table.

Training in Shiatsu Massage work, derived from coursework in Vancouver, gave me additional techniques of finger, palm pressure and stretching. My massage technique thus is a fusion of all my studied and practiced therapies into one higher-realm experience for my clients. These techniques have helped people relax, gain energy, become flexible and feel better the natural way.


Veronica has been practicing Tuina Massage, Traditional Thai Massage and a unique type of massage from South Korea since 2008. Her specialty is Deep Tissue, Swedish and Tuina Massage, a form of bodywork based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Veronica started to learn facial and body massage techniques at an early age from her mother who has practiced on South Korea for over 30 years.

After completing a prestigious four year beauty program at university, Veronica explored her interest in beauty in New Zealand and later earned a certificate in Tuina massage in Vancouver.

Veronica joined Fusion Thai Wellness with enthusiasm in 2022.   

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